The marshy area below the dam is home for water loving plants, dragonflies, and wading birds.The plants that live in the marshy area below the dam don’t mind wet feet. Sedges and rushes don’t have a problem growing in standing water. Fall aster, wild golden glow, and cardinalflower are wildflowers that prefer moist areas along a creek. Dragonflies and damselflies lay their eggs in the vegetation along streams like Live Oak Creek. The larvae of these insects can remain in the water for several years before emerging as an adult dragonfly or damselfly. In the summer months look for the Green Heron prowling among the plants in search of a frog, crayfish or fish for its next meal. In the winter months another marsh bird. the Sora Rail. lives in the thick vegetation and spends the night hunting for aquatic insects, amphibians and crustaceans.  Its’ distinctive descending whinny call can be easily heard but actually seeing the little marsh-walker is much more difficult.  As you walk along the creek edge, always be alert for the many forms of wildlife that depend on the marsh for survival.

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