The Friends of the Fredericksburg Nature Center thank you for visiting our website and hope that you will make plans to come to Fredericksburg and see our wild side. Eighteen years ago a group of nature enthusiasts decided to showcase the wonderful natural heritage found in the Texas Hill Country by creating a nature center in Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park in Fredericksburg. After setting up a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation, this all-volunteer organization began its work by building a mile of hiking trails in a ten to fifteen acre unused section of the park.

During the initial inventory of the flora and fauna found on site, we discovered what an incredible diverse array of both habitats and wildlife that occurred here for our hikers to enjoy. In addition to its biological diversity, the area has scenic qualities as well. As you explore our website, you will learn about our seven different micro-habitats, or ecosystems, that have more than 240 species of wildflowers and 180 species of birds found to date. What a tribute to our park namesake, Lady Bird Johnson, who spent her lifetime promoting wildflowers.

Our nature center has not progressed to the point of having an interpretive center, although we have plans to have one at some point in the future. We do have a small area in the park headquarters building where we display our checklists and other relevant information. If you are planning to hike our trails, please stop by and use our trifold trail map, self-guide and wildlife checklists. The park is open from 6:30AM to 10:00PM and there is no entry fee. Signage will guide you to the trailhead.

Please be aware that our new Pollinator Garden is not in the vicinity of the hiking trails. To visit the most beautiful place in the park, continue on Lady Bird Drive for a quarter mile past the office and follow the sign to the garden. During the flower blooming season, the Pollinator Garden should be a must see part of your visit to the park. After visiting our nature areas, please stop by the HQ office and sign our visitor log and give us your comments. If you documented a new species with a photo, please send it to us with a date of the sighting to update our lists.

Thanks again for visiting our website; we hope to see you on the trails. Please share your experience in Lady Bird Johnson Park with your friends.


Bill Lindemann, President of the Friends of the Fredericksburg Nature Center