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Bird Tri-Fold

A copy of this checklist is available in the Park Office which can be folded into thirds for easy use in the field.

Trifold Birds

177 species of birds have been spotted in the Nature Center. Because of the diversity in habitat, ranging from open and running water and wetland to Oak woods and native prairie, there is an excellent diversity to be enjoyed. The bird-feeding area, with its continually dripping water feature, varied feeders, and nearby protective cover, is a magnet for birds.

 The bird blind is located on the eastern end the Loop Vista Trail and also lies on the Handicapped Accessible Trail.  The exact location of the bird-feeding station and bird blind can be found on the map shown under Nature Trails, Area 11. The blind at the feeding station is built to accommodate both ambulatory and wheelchair-bound visitors. Birders in wheelchairs can position their chairs under an extended and protruding wall under the viewing window, allowing them to see all of the bird-feeding area.