Trifold Checklist

A copy of this checklist is available in the Park Office which can be folded into thirds for easy use in the field.

Fish – Reptiles – Mammals

19 reptile and amphibian species, 31 fish species and  14 mammal species have been identified and categorized by Friends of Fredericksburg Nature Center and published in the CHECKLIST above.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Texas is home to over 142 different species of animals, including some that are extremely rare and some that are found only in Texas.

Amphibians typically are “cold-blooded” vertebrates which change from an aquatic, water-breathing, limbless larva (or tadpole) to a terrestrial or partially terrestrial, air-breathing, four-legged adult.
Fish are scaled, “cold-blooded” vertebrates found in water environments. Most fish lay eggs, though a few species give birth to live young.
Mammals are warm-blooded air-breathing vertebrates. Their body is covered with hair. All mammals feed their young milk. Most mammals give birth to miniature versions of themselves.
Reptiles are “cold-blooded” air-breathing vertebrates. A tough leathery skin that has embedded scales covers their body. Most reptiles lay eggs, though some give birth to fully-formed young.