The Nature Center has over 6,600 feet of beautiful and interesting hiking trails.  A virtual tour of the trails with interesting narrative can be seen by selecting the Liveoak Trail, the Vista Loop Trail and a special 600-yard long Handicapped Accessible Trail from the Nature Center Trails menu.  All the trails meander through diverse habitats with many species of forbs, woody plants, and grasses along their way. Many important species are marked with identifying signs. There is also abundant insect and amphibian life waiting to be discovered. There are comfortable benches placed conveniently along all of the trails for rest, reflection, and observation.

The Handicapped Accessible Trail (HAT) provides wheelchair-bound visitors the first trail of its kind in the state.

All of the trails are well maintained and should present little challenge to the average hiker.

Click here for a map and self guided tour of the trail system.