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The Butterfly Habitat was designed to provide both larval and nectar plants for butterflies.  It is located on the Vista Loop Trail.  More than 60 butterfly species have been sighted visiting our habitat. Butterfly adults and larvae prefer native plants. Please note the solitary bee nesting block with many holes for potential egg deposits by female bees. Please observe without collecting  stay on the pathways -possible snake habitat.

The new Pollinator Garden, created in 2012 at the site of a former experimental rose garden, literally erupted in bloom this past spring.  It is located on the Recreation Loop next to the swimming pool in the Park.  All of the volunteer work of Master Naturalists and Friends of Fredericksburg Nature Center members paid huge dividends for both visitors to Lady Bird Johnson Park and the thousands of insects and birds who utilized this special habitat. The garden is a showcase in the park until the first freeze nips most of the blooms in the Fall.

When the 2013 spring season arrived, the many months of labor that transformed a 70’x70’ plot from an abandoned experimental rose garden to a beautifully landscaped garden erupted into a mosaic of colorful flowers. Benches under shaded arbors and shelters provided visitors a place to sit and enjoy pollination insects and birds busily performing their roles in assisting plants in their reproduction chores. The magic of the Pollinator Garden lured many passer-by and visitors to explore the most beautiful place in Lady Bird Johnson Park.


    • Glenna Walker

      Beautiful! We enjoyed visiting, New since our last trip here!

      • davidh

        I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. We try to keep the trail and gardens a place for everyone to enjoy! Thank you for your comment.

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